Scar Tissue/ Trauma Release

Healing from the inside out!

What in the world?!

You may be familiar with acupuncture, a physical intervention that involves placement of small needles in the skin at different acupoints.  This has been practiced for thousands of years and is commonly used for many types of chronic pain.

You might also be familiar with the TENZ unit your local chiropractor may use to help unlock your back spasms.

Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation combines both of these healing practices by using DC micro-stimulation (lower frequency than a TENZ unit) to produce an "acupuncture" response that "releases" muscle tieeus that impinges on nerves and causes joint pain.  

ETPS is successfully helping many pain patients control their patient pain levels and resume normal functioning in their lives again!

(RELEASE and RESET yourself in a SAFE ZONE)


When you are in chronic pain or suffering with PTSD, your body has a heightened sensitivity to all stimuli and is reacting in kind.  ETPS deregulates the autonomic nervous system, releasing blockages and bringing the body back into homeostasis. 

Releasing scar tissues intersecting with meridian lines will help to repolarize the scar tissue, increase blood circulation, energy flow and releasing fascia.  This release will significantly improve range of motion that has been previously hindered.


Once the physical components of pain have been eliminated, the emotional aspects of pain are much more easily accessible, and the patient is much more receptive to releasing locked in emotions associated with the site of trauma.