UNLIMITED Bodywork Membership

Do you frequently feel tense & stuck with uncomfortable pain?

Do you suffer from unbearable stress?

Deep Tissue Bodywork is what you're looking for.

Seriously?!  Unlimited?!

I may be crazy for rolling out a program like this, but I know, if it was me, I would totally take advantage of an unlimited bodywork program.


There are months I would like to come in every week for massage and additional times for cupping or scar tissue release.  There are also times when I get so busy with life, I forget to make myself a priority or I go on vacation and take way to long to get back into the swing of a regular massage. 

I also have many clients who say they would be love to come in a lot more often... now they can!

Unlimited bodywork is a new premium program in which you can experience an infinite amount of massages every month at a nominal flat rate.

Feel like getting 3 massages in 1 week? No problem.

Or maybe you'd rather just have 1 a week. 

Anyway you want it, we've got you covered. 

(UNWIND and UNBURDEN yourself in a SAFE ZONE)